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Fatality Goes To Hollywood

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Professional gaming hit the spotlight in Los Angeles last weekend with the arrival of Korean company BattleTop and its "World Internet Gaming League" in America. Although the tournament's $35,000 prize purse was far from the largest ever offered, the event was one of the most spectacular so far, taking place at Universal Studios in Hollywood and with stars like Carmen Electra and Traci Bingham on site to add some much needed glamour to the proceedings.

In the end Jonathan "Fatality" Wendel went home with the $15,000 first prize in the Quake 3 Arena duel tournament, adding to the $40,000 he won at the Razer-CPL event back in April. To find out more about the event, including a brief summary of the proceedings and several photographs, check the short report on GameSpy.

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