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Microsoft to publish Mac Games

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The much maligned Macintosh games market got a shot in the arm this morning as Microsoft announced as it was to form an alliance with a new startup company with the aim of bringing key Microsoft titles to the world of the Macintosh. The new startup company headed by Peter Tamte, who was the founder of MacSoft, former senior director of worldwide consumer marketing for Apple Computer Inc. and former executive vice president of Bungie Software Products Corp.

Some of the biggest titles in PC gaming are now going to released on the Macintosh for the first time. Those titles expected to be published for the Macintosh include the best-selling real-time strategy game "Age of Empires® II: The Age of Kings®," as well as new versions of "Links™ LS" and "Flight Simulator." These award-winning, well-established franchises have collectively sold approximately 10 million licensed units worldwide. In addition, the highly anticipated action game "Halo," currently in development at Bungie Studios, is scheduled to appear on the Macintosh as well as being published by Microsoft on the PC and Xbox.

"The Macintosh is an excellent gaming platform for both casual and hard-core gamers," said Client Richardson, vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations at Apple. "We are thrilled that Microsoft and Bungie are bringing Halo and a host of other top-selling games to the Mac platform."

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