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ASUSTeKs present for cheaters ?

In a terrible move for on-line gaming ASUSTeK Computer the other day announced its new secret weapon. The AGP-V7700 and AGP-V7100 series graphics cards - the 3D SeeThrough TM technologies. "ASUS always provides the best value for our customers." said Jonathan Tsang, vice president of marketing and sales division of ASUSTeK Computer Inc. "The ASUS 3D SeeThrough TM technologies are developed for users to be a constant winner in the adventure or action 3D games. There are three special weapons for ASUS VGA cards' users - Transparent View, Wireframe View, and Extra Light. If you do not have an ASUS VGA card - be careful! Never compete in the 3D games with anyone who has an ASUS VGA card. Because the only result is to loose"

The world was skeptical on this claim, and mailing lists and bulletin boards were full of posts of gamers laughing and daring ASUS to prove it. No sooner were those dares laid down than the folks at RivaStation were posting actual screenshots using one of these cards and playing Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Demo, not only that but saying, in enough detail to get me wondering, how they did it. These cards seem to let you see through the walls and ceilings, but I await more sites, and more people testing before I pass judgment. To be honest its amazing, I would never have though such things possible.