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Throne of Darkness Interview

There seems to be a never ending stream of role playing games these days. One thing that is amazing is the quality of most of them is very good indeed. Its rare we see a full price 'turkey', a bad game or a piece or rubbish. The latest in the line of games that seem to be very good indeed is Throne of Darkness, to be published by Sierra. Lets get it straight here, I'm no fan of RPG's. It is rare that I would play one. I generally find the plot lines either boring or just plain funny "Rescue the magic sword of snargle, and then kill the hob goblin with the magic wand that you have to steal off the witch before the house falls on her" and that kind of thing. I plain don't like it, but I have to say that this game seems different.

Founded by 3 former Blizzard Entertainment employees, Click Entertainment aims to bring us same type of game play as Diablo to a Japanese-themed world in Throne of Darkness. Playing a samurai should be a nice change of pace from your necromancer or barbarian.

The story had been kept quiet up to now, but we get a feel for more of what the game is going to be about, and again, it seems to be an interesting twist to the traditional storyline, "In a nutshell, your clan has been decimated by the forces of the Dark Warlord Zanshin and you're bent on revenge. Although the quest is relatively straightforward, there are actually several ways in which to accomplish this goal. The most direct is to smash through the defenses and troops of the Dark Warlord until you finally make it to Zanshin's temple and attempt to defeat him. There really is only two ways to end this quest. Death, or victory. How this result actually occurs, of course, is up to the player." The interview is over at RPGPlanet, and is a must read for both RPG and anime fans.