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Gunlok revamped

Rebellion, the company behind Aliens vs Predator and now the owner of 2000 AD comics, has dropped a bomb shell with the announcement that their latest game, Gunlok, has undergone a rather drastic overhaul since it was shown at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles earlier this year.

The eponymous lead character, previously a sentient robot, has now become one of the last surviving humans in the post-apocalyptic game world, and the focus has moved more towards squad based tactics. Stealth is also being encouraged, with enemies having "view cones" and hearing ranges, which players must keep Gunlok and his squad of robots out of to avoid detection.

For the full details, read the press release. Also EuroGamer has got hold of half a dozen brand new shots of the revamped Gunlok, showing off the new look hero, the view cones, and other key features of the game.