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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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The World's Largest PC-Cheats archive

I got this mail and wondered where to put it in the site. We get mails like this all the time and normally don't even cover them. But it so happened that I have been spending all my games playing time over the last while replaying old games that I loved, from the original Command and Conquer to Sensible Soccer. I am stuck in Command and Conquer for ages, and cannot finish a level no matter what I do. Low and behold this iste lands in my mailbox, and I blew up that pesky church at about 2 am this morning!

I had a look around the site, and thought of games that I had played since Doom through Lemmings, to Counter Strike and the games of today. Every game I thought of is there. If there are no cheats for the game it tells you common sense tactics, or even has save game files for you to download so you can play the game from midgame. Simple fact is this, which is on the top of their site, "10982 files for 3811 PC games". Admit it or not, we all cheat now and again, and therefore we all should bookmark this site, which is the best of its kind I have seen in some time.