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Stroll down memory lane with a RL

It seems to me that almost every first person shooter player claims to have played Doom since the initial demo. Every single one of them played the Quake test. They are a strange breed indeed. The need to be the best, to hang around on IRC with the right crowd. For many people the games they obsess over are as strange as the people that play them. The best in modern day first person shooters either come from Epic Games, with its Unreal game or iD Software with the mighty Doom and these days Quake.

First person shooters have changed a lot in the 10 years they have been about. In many ways they are the games that have been at the cutting edge of the games industry for many years, the technology behind them is moving at an incredible rate. There always seems to be a hot rivalry, be that Doom and Rise of the Triad, or Duke and Quake, and then Quake 2 and Unreal. It is these rivalrys that have driven people on to make better games. Today, 3D Action Planet have a look at the history of the FPS and the stuff that makes them go.