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Eidos Comments On Potential Sale

The steady stream of roomers surrounding the Eidos acquisition continues. According to trade site CTW, Eidos has said it is not interested in selling out to any competitor. The people at CTW were told that the game publisher was forced to issue a statement to the London Exchange because of the extreme change in their share price. A spokesman for Eidos said, "Approaches to Eidos are common, and the latest does not indicate a sale is imminent". If an offer was made to Eidos, it would need to be presented to the shareholders for consent, CTW was told. The Financial Times has reported that Infogrames is pressing ahead with plans to acquire the UK-based computer games group and that discussions could be completed this month. Eidos announced on June 20 that it was in discussions that could lead to its sale following a series of profit warnings that indicate problems adapting to the next generation of gaming platforms.