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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Siege of Avalon Begins

Its amazing how successful online role playing games (RPG's) are. The two market leaders EverQuest and Asherons Call ask you to buy full priced software and then pay a monthly fee to play the game. I know of people who have lost actual marriages due to the sheer amount of time playing. You take on the role of a character, and you basically live that character's life. There is now a rush to copy the 2 main games, and various developers are copying the idea in every way they can. The latest in the line of on-line RPG's is Siege of Avalon. Siege of Avalon is more of a serial RPG/novel than a traditional game.

The first chapter is free, and because it contains all the main game executable as well as the first chapter, is an 89 MB download. They assure us that the subsequent paid chapters will be smaller. When I asked about the chapter I was pointed to their website, which tells you, "Episodic Game Novels are about the immersion of a progressive story told over time through an engaging interactive gaming environment. Each game "Chapter" is a complete adventure full of story, quests, challenges, and character development. However, when the Chapters are combined they form a larger whole, a complete experience centred around an evolving plot, like Chapters in a Novel." One warning, be prepared as the website is a musical one!