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Computer FAQ

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

For new people and those not in the know a lot of this talk in gaming these days must be a bit hard to follow. People like me speak of clock cycles and polygons and how great the NV15 is and the jargon continues. A lot of people playing games online are on the home computer, and would not be experts for all that is past, present and future in the world of games, computer and the bits that make up the computer. Daily Radar have spotted this, and done a very good guide to sound and video cards.

The article goes through the most common questions about both sound and video cards. Questions like the difference between the 3 SB Live bundles, the difference between A3D and EAX. Given the state of the video card market, every gamer needs to read the video card FAQ, especially if you dont know the difference between DDR and GTS. Its on Daily Radar and worth a look.

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