Long read: What might the ultimate character creator look like?

Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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Peter Molyneux profile

Its weird how the games industry throws up its stars. The people it offers up, those that are to become famous. In some companies the lead programmer is the chosen one, others a great modeller or level maker. The extreme case being in ION Storm case, its was the one with the biggest boobs! One of the people who is well known for just plain great games is Peter Molyneux. I can honestly say I have played all his games from Populous on my 386 in 1991 all the way through the great Syndicate and the awe inspiring Magic Carpet. The latter a game 6 years old that looks better than a large amount of games still being made today.

Happy Puppy interviews the great man, about his past and his future. There are some great questions, and some even better answers. A great example about how professional Molyneux is comes when he is asked what is the worst design decision he ever made, he comes back in a flash, "The worst design decision I have ever made was putting no fewer that 280 icons into Dungeon Keeper.". Its a good insight into a great man, and well worth a read.