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David Stalker on AvP2

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Image credit: Eurogamer

One of the most innovative games of recent times has to be Alien versus Predator. Pitting two of 20th Century Fox's big movie franchises, the Alien from the alien movie series against the Predator of the Predator movie series and of course the customary amazing, virtually indestructible US marine. All this being done in a first person shooter environment. The first game was a sleeping success, it may not have the hype and pomp of Quake, but it has thousands of people playing for hours every night online across the world.

Of course, this means that were going to get a sequel. Something that I wondered about with AVP was its total lack of support for mod makers. A game like that just screams mod, more than Half Life and UT and the likes. A good mod will boost sales of a game aswell, as Valve will tell you. The AVP2 people have chosen to use the popular LithTech engine, and support the mod community as much as it can "the Lithtech tools will be available and people will be able to get up to all SORTS of things with those when the game comes out". The game is still a while away yet, but its interesting to hear about their plans at the same time.

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