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Homeworld enhanced update

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If your interests cross space and games there is a very good chance that you played far too many hours of last year last year's strategy game of the year, Homeworld. Even if they don't, chances are that one or two of you played it anyway. You will then, more than likely, be aware that Homeworld: Cataclysm, a full price enhanced update to Homeworld is soon to be on its way to your local games store. Interestingly, Relic, the developers of the original Homeworld are not doing the 'update', Barking Dog Studios are the ones that have been chosen to bless us with that. While Relic are not doing this, word is that they are doing a massive RTS game, to be entitled 'Homeworld 2' (or words to that effect!), although they refuse to confirm this.

Homeworld was great, and it made a nominal profit, but not a huge one. I think you can write a large part of that due to the fact that the engine and technology behind Homeworld was not up to scratch as far as a lot of people were concerned, and the control mechanism was simply awful. A large part of a update, with a 6 month development cycle would have to be sorting the engine, and having a look at the control system, Chris Stewart, one of the top dogs at Barking says, "We've added things like large shockwave explosions, holographic projection effects, polygonal accurate collisions, energy shielding effects, new repairing effects, new salvaging effects, external ship construction, lens flares, and dynamic Gouraud shading". All the features relate to 'eye candy', of which Homeworld is unquestionably amazing. But the fundamental game play problems appear to have remained untouched.

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