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Morrowind Designer Q&A

have posted a fairly lengthy Q&A session with Morrowind Project Leader Todd Howard, in which he discusses many aspects of this upcoming single-player RPG. Morrowind is the third game in the Elder Scroll series which has included the classic RPGs Arena and Daggerfall, and uses a brand new 3D engine which, according to Howard, should bring RPGs (which have traditionally lagged behind action games in terms of graphics technology) right up to date with the latest shoot'em'up releases.

Unlike the huge numbers of MMORPGS attempting to ape the success of EverQuest and Ultima Online, Bethesda have chosen to stick with the single-player RPG, instead concentrating on making the game world as large and freeform as possible. From the contents of this Q&A, it will be fascinating to see if this approach pays off.