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Makaveli on the future of pro-gaming

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Image credit: Eurogamer

According to Victor "Makaveli" Cuadra, who was runner-up in the massive $100,000 Razer-CPL Quake 3 tournament in Dallas back in April, "the biggest obstacle [to the growth of pro-gaming] is getting the general public to except it as a sport. Even now when I think about that I won $20,000 from playing Quake it just blows my mind. I think its quite funny that I made this much from it."

Speaking about the future of pro-gaming in an interview on XSReality, Makaveli said that "it's really hard to tell what will happen to gaming" as a sport, and that it largely "depends on what the organizations of gaming do, what kind of games are released, and also what kind of players are playing. I think the players will have a great impact on what happens - if they are charismatic, things could go well, but hey, if the public don't like you, you're done."

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