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Planetarion Restarted

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The massively popular online resource strategy game Planetarion has restarted and moved from beta. The full game shows some changes from the massive beta, such as the ability to set yourself as being away, on Vaction mode. This means that your planet is on pause. While in vacation mode you cannot log into this account for the first 72 hours. You do not gather metal of move ships for that time, with the bonus that no one can attack you during that time either.

Planetarion is the game where you take control of a planet and your goal is to make allies and avoid confrontation with enemies. You must gather resources and build your way up a tech tree, building bigger and stronger ships. Thousands of players from all over the world play from on their website, and pit their wit's against each other, and each others alliances. The game is great, bar its one fault of having an almost impossibly slow website.

A read of the manual is well worth your time, to familiarise yourself will all the various types of ships and options open to players. There are hundreds of options and various tracks a player can follow, and decisions in the early days can affect that, and point you in the direction of success or failure.

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