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Jason Hall on Blood 2 and Lithtech

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It seem that every new title that we see these days is built on one of the big name 3rd party engines, be that Unreal, Quake 3 or LithTech. The name in that list that many people don't know about is the LithTech engine by Monolith. Jason Hall is the CEO of Lithtech owners, Monolith A core part of his job is making sure future games based on its Lithtech engine are titles that do the engine justice, "Monolith has learned many lessons from the past and has been working very hard to make sure that all of its products are completely bug free no matter what"

Followers of Blood 2 will be interested at Hall addressing the big problems the game had, and the questions people had about Monolith support for it. Everyone who has played Blood 2 will be well aware of the buggy nature of the game, and the apparent lack of support and patches from the games publishers and developers. Blood 2 suffered with lack of support, Hall says, "It bothers us that Blood 2 happened the way it did, but the bottom line is that GT Interactive controlled whether additional work and support got done on Blood 2 or not. This concept is something that eludes most gamers."

When further questioned about the Blood 2 fiasco, Hall gives the reasons for a bad end product as, "Over ambitious game design, unchecked team communication with end-users (i.e. a lot of promises got made by Blood 2 team members that shouldn't have been made), severe feature creep (GT wanted us to add stuff), etc."

Read the full conversation with Monolith's CEO, Jason Hall and get the full scoop!

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