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Counter Strike Interview

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The game that came from nowhere to take over the world only gets bigger, fresh from his 1000+ person chat with Gameplay Counter Strike development team member Cliffe had a chat with the folks at GibMe. Its quite a concise interview, but ut still hits on some interesting subjects. Right into the thorny issue of Valves new net code, and the opinion of some people that it spoils the latest release of CS 6.6, "This was a *huge* overhaul of code, so much was changed. It's almost like starting over, like shipping the game anew. So there are bound to be bugs. And those bugs will be worked out."

On the subject of a new release of the never ending beta test stage Cliffe says, "At this point the focus is just to fix bugs that have cropped up in 6.5 and 6.6. But I can say expect something pretty cool on the weapons front." That is indeed interesting, what could he be doing with the weapons, a shoulder mounted rocket launcher maybe, or even a much needed rail gun :)

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