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Infogrames buys Paradigm

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The list of mergers and acquisions in the computer games world is never ending, every day I seem to be reporting someone bought or wants to buy someone else. Well today's story is that GameSpy is reporting that Infogrames Inc., formerly GT Interactive, is definitely in an acquisition mode, as the ever hungry Frenchmen have acquired Paradigm Entertainment, makers of popular Nintendo 64 titles. Infogrames officials said the company made the move because it is interested in acquiring a developer for the next generation console systems, specifically PS2, X-box, and Dolphin.

For all their agressive buying, and moving and shakeing all is not well at Infogrames. Earlier this week they announced a one-for-five stock split that many analysts view as countermeasures and counter productive. As a direct result their stock price went up for a short while, then promptly dropped by almost 50% over two days. They are in very real danger of not meeting requirements set forth by Nasdaq to keep it listed on the exchange.

GameSpy also report that Infogrames have had several meeting with the 'For Sale' developer Eidos. Word is that they are not officially out of the running, according to sources close to the talks, even though UbiSoft seems to have the inside track (as reported here on Eurogamer this week!).

In yet more industry news, analysts are saying that Microsoft has been talking with Square and Capcom about the possibility of partnering in Japan. Insiders say that Microsoft could strike a deal with a few Japanese game publishers or acquire one of them outright.

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