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Bringing cyberspace to life

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Image credit: Eurogamer

One of the more unusual massively multiplayer role-playing games in development at the moment is the Unreal Tournament powered "Shadows of Reality", which makes a refreshing break from the usual orcs and elves posse with its futuristic setting, complete with the Gibson-esque cyberspace of The Grid.

"The Grid is where anything goes", Steve Adkins of developer Nevolution explains. "If I decide that I want my servers to look like a giant lake in cyberspace and files transfers to look like schools of fish swimming between underwater caves, that's perfectly valid. If I decide I have a medieval fetish and want my server to look like a Dark Ages castle with my workers looking like Ladies in Waiting, then that's valid too. It really opens up a whole new world."

Sounds intriguing. To find out more about the game, the engine that powers it, and the company behind it, read the interview with Nevolution over on RPGPlanet.

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