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Black and White playtest

If you ask many gamers what game currently in development they would love to get their hands on you are bound to get hundreds of answers, but I guarantee that one answer that will crop up again and again is Peter Molyneux's Black and White. Those lucky people at Gameplay have bagged a world first play test of the much awaited game.

We now know more about the game than ever, such as the 'guides' that lead you through the early levels and help you, "I got going again, and as I started two little helpers turned up - an old bearded man and a mischievous little devil, my guides throughout the game.". They continue with more information about the game, "During the first level you're given the choice of an animal to train and keep throughout the game."

The more I hear about this game the more I am certain that it will be a winner, take this for example, "I tried to balance my good acts with bad and thus create a fair and honest world. I soon realized that this is the essential crux of the game. I spent time being good and bad to the world and good and bad to my creature, because that is my nature. I like balance". I think you own it to yourself to check this game out!