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Alice Interview

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The news and hype surrounding American McGee's Alice continues to grow and grow. A second hardly seems to pass these days when we don't find someone else with news or views about the game somewhere. Well IGN PC have cut the messing and right to the top for an interview with president of Rogue Entertainment/Producer of Alice Jim Molinets. They have a chat about the games history and the future of the shooter genre.

Jim answers the very valid question about how someone picks up Alice in Wonderland and sees a shooter and not an adventure game or an RPG, "were looking to bring something 'new' to the table. When analyzing the combined skills of the team we all felt that our experience in the action game genre would allow us to use the ideas behind Alice to create an incredible game with tons of action and some adventure elements as well."

So what has happened to poor little Alice, why is she in a shooter, and not having tea at some surreal tea party, "Alice is feisty, angst-ridden and precocious, so the player should be able to connect with her and understand what makes her 'tick' and how and why she's our Alice." It looks to be an interesting game indeed and worth a look if nothing else.

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