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Half-Life Mods Article

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There is no question as to the most popular PC computer game played on the internet, probably the most popular PC game ever in fact. Ever since the day Half Life was released back in 1998 the game has gone from strength to strength. The clever people at Valve (a company founded by 2 former Microsoft employees) keep making it bigger and bigger. They got Team Fortress Classic released free to the public with one of their patches; they are integrating their plans currently with the Counter Strike team. Counter Strike is easily the most played game on line at them moment, well ahead of Team Fortress Classic which is in second place. The newer big name games like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament are miles behind.

GameSpy have a look at why Half Life continues to win Game of the Year awards, and is still the best PC game out there, after all this time. They have, frankly horrible, old screenshots, originally released before the game was moved from the quake engine to the quake 2 engine in late 1997. They have a look at why, 2 years later Half-life is number one, with all the big name games been and gone. The reason for the success and longevity is to a large part down to the excellent mods that have been developed my the community. With no end of help from Valve themselves. Its one of the better things I have read on GameSpy, and it deserves a read.

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