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Mark Rein Interview

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Image credit: Eurogamer

One of the major players in the PC games industry, is Mark Rein of Epic. Developers of the Unreal series. Dailyradar got a hold of Mark and asked him about that popular subject these days, Xbox.

When asked about the features of Xbox that would attract Epic to develop for it, Marks answer is unambiguous, "There are too many great features to name just one: fast general-purpose processor, great graphics system, integrated hard drive, lots of RAM, Ethernet support, USB and an operating system/development environment that we're already used to working with."

Mark is equally unambiguous about the future of Epic and its focus on PC games, "We would be stupid to walk away from the platform we know and love, a platform that is consistently evolving and allowing us to stretch further and further." Its an interesting interview, worth five minutes of your time.

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