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Trent Reznor may do music for new Doom

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Trent Reznor, lead singer with the Nine Inch Nails is known, along with his whole band for their intense and visual live shows. Reznor's experience in movie making had already extended into working on soundtracks for some major motion pictures, and scoring music for a popular video game. "I did Natural Born Killers, and Lost Highway for David Lynch," says Reznor, "but I've really no interest in doing any more compilation albums. The only thing I'd want to do these days is actual scoring."

It is then revealed that he's been talking to John Carmack about scoring the music for the new version of Doom. "I would do something like that mainly because it's a hobby of mine, I appreciate the technology, and it's fun to work outside Nine Inch Nails once in a while.", Reznor continues, ""Quake was fun because they didn't want hard-rock goofy music going through the game," explains Reznor, "it was all about atmosphere at the time." Read more at Apple.Com.

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