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3rd World Interview

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Space sims seems to be flavour of the day at the moment, since the success of Homeworld rejuvenated the genre. IGN PC have a hefty interview with programmer Vitomir Jevremovic, from the developer M.U.S.T. Corporation, on of the main minds behind the upcoming massively multiplayer space-sim - 3rd World. The likes of UO and Everquest have shown the gigantic popularity of of the massively multiplayer style of game. These two factors make 3rd world a contender to be a top game.

The background to the game shows that they are really aiming for the stars, they aim no only to update the genre, but to take it over totally, "it is more of an on-line world of future. The players will be given liberty and freedom of choice they could not even dream of until now. There will be a preformed world with a set of highly liberal rules. Everything else is permitted. Quests and Clans will appear over time as a natural consequence of playing - the players will start communicating and forming alliances on their own". He goes into the depth they are going into to keep the game interesting, "the players will have absolute liberty to upgrade anything at all, from pistols to battleships". Its a mammoth interview, and well worth your time.

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