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Hitman Interview

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Image credit: Eurogamer

In the job as a news updater you see a lot of screen shots and read a lot about how great upcoming games are, of course its rare that a game fulfils expectation. One game that has gotten my attention is Hitman by IO Interactive. Gamer.NL have scooped a chat with Jens Peter Kurup, a designer on the game. He tackles a number of subjects, among them that tricky one about 1st versus 3rd person, "At the heart of it, Hitman The Game it's a story about a person evolving. This process and the story is much better shown in third person, than we could tell it in first person"

In these days of Counter Strike madness, the more realistic the weapons in a game and seemingly popular the games tends to be. The team at IO have seemingly taken this to heart, "The weapons are realistic. As is the way you carry them. There will be no pulling Snipers out of the pockets in Hitman. You can carry it in a suitcase though. Or your shotgun in a flower box filled with roses."

Hitman from IO Interactive is one to keep an eye out for.

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