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Planetarion combat changes

With the web-based space strategy game Planetarion finally coming out of beta on July 1st, one of the game's creators has explained the reasons for the game's combat being given an overhaul.

"People play Planetarion because it is fun, it's not too complicated, and you can decide how much you want to put into it. The real hard-core gamers are usually those on top of the list, but you don't have to spend hours and hours every day to do well with your planet. So, we wanted to add more tactics to the game, without creating more hassle for the users, more complexity if you like. Also, the current system does not protect the smaller planets from the bigger in any way, and in my eyes, such a protection is both right and realistic."

For the full story, read the interview over on UKGamer, which also covers newbie protection, alliances, defence fleets, and the proverbial much more.