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Dual-boot Windows 98 and Windows 2000

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This is handy as it is a subject and a question that quite a few people have been talking about, and a few more fighting about!. have posted a guide to gamers and why they might and might not want to run either/or both of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 as a gaming platform.

They go though the reason that someone would want to use, or indeed not use each platform as a gaming platform. "One of the biggest reasons to dual-boot is to take advantage of both operating system's beneficial factors. For instance, Windows 2000 will run almost 90% of every game currently on the market with a few tweaks, but the performance is severely (in hardcore gamer's mind) degraded from Windows 98, being that the device drivers are still immature."

From there it goes though how you go about installing both OS's on your computer, so you can have the best of both worlds. They take you step by step through the process, helpfully explaining why you are taking each step, not just blankly telling you.

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