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Soldier of Fortune 2?

Mike Crowns, Director of Product Development at Raven Software, has talked about the possibility of a sequel and/or mission pack for the company's latest first person shooter, "Soldier of Fortune", in which you play a real-life government "consultant" called John Mullins.

According to Mike, "the future of Soldier of Fortune will rest with the public", and "if sales reflect that the public wants more, I believe they will get it", adding that "personally, I would love to see expansion packs and sequels". He went on to say that "the rumors that John Mullins has been spotted hiding in the Raven building are totally false", pointing out that "if John was trying to hide, he wouldn't be spotted". To find out more, read the interview with Mike over on TechExtreme, which also covers the history of Raven and reaction to Soldier of Fortune.