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Toon Blade

Programmer Carlos Garcia Cordero of Spanish developer Rebel Act Studios has spoken about the "toon renderer" he coded in his spare time for Blade, the third person fantasy action game that the company are currently working on.

"I saw a demo of an Intel product that did toon rendering and liked it a lot", Carlos explained. "Later I read an article in game developer about that and decided to implement it in Blade. I'm quite pleased with the result. Unfortunately now I have very little spare time, we are working extra time to finish Blade. I was thinking about implementing a watercolour look, but this, as well as a line-shading mode that is half done, will have to wait until Blade is finished."

He goes on to say that "I don't know if it will be released" though, as it only works with OpenGL at the moment, before revealing that "Blade has switched to D3D for commercial reasons", though he doesn't say what those commercial reasons were. "Maybe the OpenGL raster will be released as an unsupported option (it has other extra stuff also), but I can't promise anything".

For the full story, and to find out more about what Carlos does at Rebel Act, what he is working on at the moment, and what the hell Depeche Mode have to do with the company's level editing software, read the "developers at work" feature on Carlos over at Blade Universe.