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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Deforestation in Dereth?

Since the latest patch for Asheron's Call was introduced a few days ago, some of the trees in the world of Dereth have been mysteriously disappearing! It turns out that this is due to a bug though, rather than some sinister shadow plot to destroy Dereth through global warming...

"In the June update, some trees in Dereth came into delightful bloom. Wonder of wonders, one species turned completely invisible, apparently due to a fear of Phyntos Wasps looking for its pollen", the latest issue of State Of The Code explains. "You can run into these invisible trees, and must scoot around them. The tree will go back to normal in the next major update."

Trippy. Meanwhile, in other Asheron's Call news, the shadow spires that had been floating near several towns in Dereth are now on the move, and hordes of monsters are appearing in the already dangerous Direlands. In fact, rather too many are appearing, as "some monster generators used in the Direlands are broken, and produce hundreds of copies of the same monster". Word is that "if you see dozens of copies of the same thing clumped together", you should "tell an Online Team member by clicking "Urgent Assistance" in the Options menu".