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Babes and Geeks Just Don't Mix

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Image credit: Eurogamer

has a amusing article looking at how geeks and babes just don't mix. He takes E3 as his example, "Some of the photos that come back from E3 don't resemble a gamers fest so much as they do a fashion model conference that has been invaded by the kids from Special Ed" the author continues, "The visual contrast in these beauty and the beast shots is frightening".

It gives one something else to look for, and indeed look out not to do at ECTS this year, "These are the poor guys who haven't a clue how dumb they look standing next to the EIDOS girls or some leather-clad faux dominatrix. They're just happy to be within slobbering distance of female breasts, synthetic or real".

Its well worth a read for a laugh or two.

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