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Breakneck weapons information

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The folks at Southpeak Interactive dropped us a line with some information about the range of weapons that will be available in the "shoot out" mode of their racing game for the PC, "Breakneck". Your arsenal will range from the usual machineguns, mine-layers and heat-seeking missiles to bizarre weapons like the "bungee reverse", which drags your target back towards you to help you overtake them.

Other strange weapons include the "marionator", which shrinks your target to half its normal size, and the "missile controller", which when activated will cause any missile targetted on your own vehicle to turn around and give whoever fired it a nasty surprise... EMP rockets to disable your opponents' electronics, and oil throwers to send the cars behind you skidding off the track are also on the menu.

And you thought that Dick Dastardly was a menace on the roads... To find out more, check the full list of weapons on offer.

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