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Modelling for Blade

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Luis Miguel Quijada of Spanish developers Rebel Act has described the process of creating models for the game, from the initial sketches to a fully modelled, animated and textured monster.

"We start by sketching a pencil design of the model, which is used as a base for the mesh modeling under 3dsMax. It is then limited in its number of polygons to a value manageable for the engine in the game. Although there are some previous pencil drawings I do not need to use them as background to trace the model, I just follow the drawing and this gives me the freedom to improvise depending on how the mesh is behaving."

To find out more about how models are created and their role in the game, read the developers at work feature on Luis over at Blade Universe, which also includes a shot of one of his more macabre creations in 3DSMax.

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