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What the hell is .. an associate producer?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If you ever wondered what all those people listed in the credits of a game actually do, Michael McHale of Eidos has explained what his own job involves.

"The Associate Producer is generally the liaison between the publisher (Eidos) and the developer. The AP makes sure that each game project runs smoothly, stays on schedule and delivers on the promised feature set and fun factor. The AP also works with the product manager, PR and marketing, helping with press coverage, screenshots, packaging, manual, etc. Also, the AP takes care of any needs that the developer has. Every publisher does things a little differently, but that is the general role of an AP."

For the full story, check the interview with Michael over on TechExtreme, which also talks a little about the games he is currently working on (Deus Ex and Anachronox), and what Eidos is up to.

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