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Doom 2000, or "Fear And Loathing In Mesquite"

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In a shocking .plan update, id Software's co-founder and lead programmer John Carmack has announced the company's next project.

According to John, "there was quite a desire to remake DOOM as our next project after Quake 3. Discussing it brought an almost palpable thrill to most of the employees, but Adrian [Carmack - no relation] had a strong enough dislike for the idea that it was shot down over and over again". The good news is that John and his minions won the argument. "We are working on a new DOOM game, focusing on the single player game experience, and using brand new technology in almost every aspect of it."

The bad news is that the company seems to be on the verge of collapse, with petty office politics and back-biting of a kind previously only seen at Ion Storm. As Adrian Carmack and Kevin Cloud (who own more than 50% of the company between them) didn't want to make a new Doom game, John Carmack and his supporters resorted to an ultimatum - "We are working on DOOM for the next project unless you fire us".

And it gets worse... Yesterday "Kevin and Adrian fired Paul Steed in retaliation, over my opposition. Paul has certainly done things in the past that could be grounds for dismissal, but this was retaliatory for him being among the 'conspirators'"! John went on to praise Paul's work, before announcing that they are looking for two new modellers / animators to replace him.

Obviously all is not well at id Software.

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