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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Change of plan for Microsofts Games

At E3 Microsoft surprised a lot of people by announcing that they were canceling two of their more popular sports games - NFL Fever and NBA Inside Drive. This set a lot of people in the games community aback. The folks over at SportPlanet got a hold of Shawn Quigley, Director of Business Development at High Voltage Software, the developers of NBA Inside Drive 2000 and asked him, among other things, if this decision was directly related to the happenings surrounding the X Box.

They replied, "Because Microsoft was not showing games like NFL Fever and NBA Drive at E3 does NOT mean they are deserting PC sports games", he continued "They will release roster updates for current Fever and Drive gamers, but in terms of a full release, they are optimizing the next versions of Fever and Drive for 2001".

As the interview passes we get more information and when we get this, we know we have the real answer "Sports games are a difficult beast to develop and the reality is that to take the next generation step, you need to put more effort into development than a year. What this means for High Voltage is that we support Microsoft's decision and look forward to the next generation of sports games". It seems Microsoft are taking the wise step and developing good games in 18 month cycles, not bad games every year.