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Rune weapons

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Kazi Wren, the Dark Mistress of Ragnarok herself, has uncovered the arcane secrets of the combat system and weapons to be featured in Human Head's Unreal-engined Viking action game, Rune.

"As the game progresses, Ragnar will obtain many new weapons, each giving him cooler and more interesting attacks. These new attacks are not purely cosmetic as the style of attack will prove advantageous in certain situations. For instance, some weapons will be much more effective in dispatching certain creatures, or may be more effective in certain situations. A weapon with a high blowback factor will be useful in fights against large groups of enemies..."

Well, a good blowback certainly knocks me out... [*cough*] For the full story, check the "key features" section on Ragnarok, the "sanctioned fan site" for Rune.

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