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Westwood Studios Announces Nox World Cup

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Thousands of dollars in prizes are at stake in the Nox World Cup, a worldwide tournament sponsored by Westwood Studios to find the worlds best Nox player. The competition will begin June 1 on westwoords own gaming service, Westwood Online. The Nox Grand Championship will bring the finalists to sunny Las Vegas to battle for the title of best Nox player in the world. Each selected country shall hold tournaments and the top two players shall be brought to to Vegas to battle for the title.

One of the best RPGs of the last few months, Nox is a game of savage combat and sneaky tactics set in a mystical land filled with discovery and deceit. Nox's lightning-fast action is fueled by a combat system that's easy to use yet gives players tremendous gameplay depth and infinite possibilities. With more than 100 unique spells and weapons, players must use their wits to create devious combinations and tricky tactics. We will have details of how you can get involved as soon as we get them.

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