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Grand Prix 3 Preview

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Image credit: Eurogamer

When you talk formula one games there is only one name that is of any importance, that is Geoff Crammond. Both GP and GP2 were the best racing games of their time, and his last title, Grand Prix 2 sold well over 1 million units worldwide, and his games are seen as classics by fans of the genre, almost before they are released.

Well Geoff is back with GP3 and it appears that this will be his best work yet. The folks at Sports Planet have had a sneak look at GP3 and post stunning results. For the novice driver there are aids such as automatic gears and brakes, for the fan you can play with gear ratios and break balance to shead those extra tenths of seconds. The game is easily the most statistically detailed racing, let alone Formula 1, game ever seen on the PC before. It is the best looking racing game ever, the screenshots look stunning. The only thing which looks to take the game down a peg or two is the fact that the actual detail of teams and drivers is taken from the 1998 season, but if that is the worst thing we can say about it then we will be doing well.

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