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Nox creator interview

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Image credit: Eurogamer

have an interview with Nox developer Michael Booth. Booth conceived the game at home, in his apartment. Not being in the games industry, he took a demo to the Game Developers Conference where he managed to catch the attention of a publisher, and the rest, as they say, is history. Nox chronicles the exploits of a humble mechanic in living in Florida, who is mysteriously transported to a strange fantasy world filled with monsters, magic and mayhem. Upon his arrival there, he finds he must learn the ways of a Warrior, Wizard or Conjuror in order to battle sundry enemies and to defeat the wicked Hecubah. Only then can he hope to secure his return.

The article goes through Michael himself both as a person and as a gamer, what he likes and dislikes. The intresting part is when he goes through the background behind Nox itself. "I started work on Nox in a spare bedroom of my house. In order to help fund the development of the game, I co-founded Hyperion Technologies. Hyperion was to be both a simulation and an entertainment company. Not only were we creating Nox, but we were also creating full scale driving simulators, complete with 360 degree projected video, a full sized car cab, and large motion systems to simulate G-forces. This strange mix of projects continued until Westwood decided to acquire Nox and bring the Nox team out to California."

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