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Once more through the Looking Glass

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Image credit: Eurogamer

have posted an in-depth interview with former Looking Glass Studios member Tim Stellmach. Tim got his start as a Q&A tester on Ultima Underworld way back in the early 90's and he worked his way through Underworld 2, Terra Nova, Thief, Thief Gold and Thief II. It gives us another perspective into the shocking collapse of Looking Glass Studios.

It gives you heart when you find out that soon after the staff found out the bad news, "there was a fair amount of shock, at first. It gave way quickly to humor, perhaps some of it a little forced but most of it very natural. Then, strangely, wonderfully I guess, we celebrated. Not the fact that we had just lost our jobs, of course, but the jobs themselves. We broke out the champagne left over from the Thief II ship party, the excellent vodka we'd received as part of Thief's game of the year award from the Russian magazine Game.EXE, and the beers we weren't technically supposed to have but often drank anyway on late nights working overtime. It might sound corny to say it, but there was a lot of sadness, joy, and love."

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