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The Story of Daikatana

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One subject which is certain to get a response from any gamer is asking them their opinion on Daikatana. Well Gamespot have gone into the whole subject in some depth with The Story of Daikatana. It is a massive piece, and one of some interest as it is a topic on everyone lips at the moment. Even from the poll on the front page on what readers thought of the games developers Ion Storm (which after my vote does not look good for them).

The article goes through every part of the creation of the game, even with the initial sketches of the characters and the levels. The main focus of the article is, of course John Romero the games designer, under Romero Ion Storm are rumored to have spent 3 years and 30 million dollars producing Daikatana.

Many subjects are covered in the piece, such as giving us a hint of the amount of bad feeling between the former partners ID's John Carmack and Romero that lead to their split and the creation of Ion. Several Ion and ex-Ion employees are interviewed about their views of the company and the game. It really is well worth a read from many perspectives.

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