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UK release date list updated

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Our UK release date list has been updated again, with all the latest release information from Take 2. Flying Heroes and Martian Gothic are now both due for release on Wednesday May 31st, with Lemmings Revolution due at the end of June. Notable releases from Take 2 later in the year include "Heavy Metal FAKK2" and the first of the "Blair Witch Project" games in September, and "KISS : Psycho Circus" towards the end of July.

We have also changed the format of the page slightly to make it easier to find features related to your favourite games. You will now see a letter next to the title of each game, telling you whether we have a review (R), preview (P), or screenshots (S) of the game here on EuroGamer. Feedback is welcome!

For all the latest UK release information direct from the publishers themselves, check our UK release date list.

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