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Looking Glass requiem

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Mike Chrzanowski, a level designer at Looking Glass Studios who worked on Thief and Thief 2, has spoken about the recent closing of the company.

"I thought we were about to receive the good news that our deal with Eidos was finalized", Mike says about the meeting at which the company's closing was announced to the shocked staff. "I sat there watching Paul Neurath's lips move, but my mind could not calculate what he was saying. For the first few minutes no one's face changed at all, we were all too stunned... At the end, the almighty dollar ran out and we had to close the doors and go home."

For the full story, as well as the first of a batch of photographs taken at the company's offices yesterday, read Mike's account. As Mike says, "There has been a great negativity growing in the game industry, and unfortunately we were consumed by it. We should all learn from this negativity and collectively find a way to reverse it quickly."

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