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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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X-Com Alliance and its talkative troopers

The troopers in the Unreal-engined squad based shooter "X-Com Alliance" have been getting chatty since we saw the game at ECTS last year. "Each trooper has over 200 lines of autonomous speech that cover everything from running out of ammo in a firefight to mourning over the loss of a fellow trooper", according to Christopher David Clark, the game's lead designer.

"Characters will tell you when they are tired and then bitch at you if you don't give them a break. They'll get frustrated at their own mistakes and can become panicked when they're outnumbered. They'll even chat amongst each other! Each character has his or her own voice, personality, and in some cases, accent."

For the full story, read the interview with the team behind the game over at Telefragged, which also covers the game's storyline, working with the Unreal engine, and multiplayer.

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