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Submarine Titans Demo Released!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

I noticed over at VE that Ellipse Studios has finally released a playable demo of their upcoming real-time strategy game, Submarine Titans. The demo weighs in at hefty 65.9 megs and there are no mirrors available as of yet, so you will have to grab the file from the official website. Here is a list things available in the demo:

Only the White Sharks tutorial will be functional.

Only the first 40% of the tech tree and units will be available.

For Multiplayer there will be a limit of 4 players and only one type out of the four landscapes will be available. There will also be a 4 player ladder map and ladder rankings will be available. So get set to test your skills against other players.

Only two missions in the White Sharks and one in the Black Octopi Campaigns will be included.

Be sure to keep an eye on for more mirrors later.

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