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Diablo II Tidbits

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Image credit: Eurogamer

There are so many Diablo II beta news available these days, I've tried to sum them up in this post:

Scorch of Darkness have posted his fist impressions of the beta along with a batch of new screenshots.

The official Blizzard website have been updated with three new sections: Diablo II Closed Beta Support News, Diablo II Closed Beta Technical Support and the Bug Reporting Center.

Diablo II Labyrinth have slapped up even more in-game screenshots of the beta and there's also a few nice shots of the Paladin in action. got a bunch of new tasty Diablo II party screenshots. No, not streamers and funny hats and whores in cakes, but parties in Diablo II. As in more than one character at a time.

I suggest that you check out all the screenshots, some really neat ones there.

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