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UK release dates list updated

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Our UK release date list has been updated with all the latest information from UbiSoft, Mattel, Activision, Hasbro / MicroProse, and Virgin Interactive / Interplay. Notable updates include Soldier of Fortune (March 31st), Messiah (April 7th), MDK2 (May 5th), Earth 2150 (May 5th), and X-Com Alliance (September).

We are now tracking UK release dates for over 60 PC games from a dozen publishers, with all the latest release information direct from the publishers themselves. Check our UK release date list for the full skinny!

Thanks to Nemesis for confirming these new releases today in Britain - Majesty, F1 2000, Septerra Core, and C&C World Wide Warfare. The excellent Theocracy (which we reviewed yesterday) should be out today as well.

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